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Preliminary dates of your planned safari with us

NB: It is your own responsibility to check visa and entry requirements for the country you will be visiting or in transit of.

Species Wish List

Select the species you would like to hunt. Please check the "Species Price List for Prices"


Hunting Package

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Food and Drink Requirements

We will try our best to provide you with your favourite drink, if available in the destination of your safari. Certain drinks are not available everywhere.


Rifle Information

NB: Persons must be 21 years or older to bring firearms into SA. Only 2 rifles of different calibre and 1 shotgun allowed per hunter (NO semi or automatics!) Be sure to use the same serial number on rifles and licences for your Import/export application forms. Rounds max 100

- Proof of Ownership of Rifle (US 4457)
- Uitvlugt Hunting Safari Invitation
- Firearm Import Export Form (SAP 520)
- Copy of Passport
- Copy of Flight Ticket

Feel free to confirm with outfitter regarding documents required.