Tint 10 Package

Tiny 10 Package

14 x Hunting days, 10 x Animals
1x arrival day, 14x hunting days, 1 x departure day.

Animals to hunt: (Trophy fees included)

  • 1x Southern Duiker
  • 1x Red Duiker
  • 1x Blue Duiker
  • 1x Steenbuck
  • 1x Oribi
  • 1x Sharps Grysbok
  • 1x Cape Grysbok
  • 1x Klipspringer
  • 1x Suni
  • 1x Damara Dik-Dik

Area: Mpumalanga Province South Africa
Observer $ 200 per Day. Add more days ($350/day) for extra plains game animals on your wish list.

This package includes:  Accommodation, meals, drinks, local wines & beers, PH’s, vehicle & transport, room service, staff, laundry service, field prep of trophies, airport pick up and drop off. Air charter may be an option (not included in package fees) Add $2000 per person. Trophy fees of animals not hunted will be refunded.